The 107th running of this great race took place on Sunday 12th October when 14 ran. The winner, Vronsky, was a 9 year old ridden by Josef Vana.


The Youtube website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Velka Pardubicka. The link below is a 12 minute 54 second clip of the Velka

3/1 Vronsky Winner
5/1 Cest Fell
5/1 Peruan Unseated rider
5/1 Varadero Unseated rider
6/1 Marketplace 2nd
12/1 Mini For 9th
12/1 Uranium Unseated rider
15/1 Hrivna 5th
15/1 Garet 6th
20/1 Baddellios Unseated rider
25/1 Adaiyoun 8th
30/1 Gretty 3rd
30/1 Holan 4th
30/1 Variant 7th
134% Over Round