Royal Ascot: Wokingham Stakes

The Wokingham Stakes, contested on the final day of the Royal meeting, is a flat handicap over 6 furlongs open to horses aged three years or older. The race is named after Wokingham, a market town 7.7 miles to the west of Ascot, and was established in 1813, the inaugural running being won by Pointers, owned by the Duke of York. For a number of years the Wokingham Stakes was divided into two or three separate classes, but it became a single race in 1874.
Early history:- The inaugural running of the Wokingham Stakes over the New Mile was on Friday 18th June 1813 when a field of 15 was headed by the Duke of York's Pointers (8/1) who defeated Lodona, Sorcery and the well-backed 6/4 favourite Offas Dyke.

Over the entire history of the race 22% of favourites have been successful. (25th out of 32 Royal Ascot races)

Over the entire history of the race a level stakes bet on every favourite would have resulted in a 5.1% loss. (12th out of 32 races)

Wokingham Stakes Handicap 6 furlongs
Year Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1813 POINTERS William Wheatley William Butler 4-8st 7lbs Duke of York 8/1
1814 MARKSMAN H Miller 6-8st 9lbs Mr Cross 8/1
1815 ALADDIN William Wheatley 5-9st 2lbs Duke of York 6/4 fav
1816 OSMAN Sam Barnard 5-8st 11lbs Duke of Rutland 4/1
1817 VIGNETTE Sam Day 3-6st 5lbs Mr Lake 5/1
1818 VIGNETTE Tom Goodisson 4-8st 0lbs Duke of York 6/1
1819 SPECTRE J Sheppard 4-9st 10lbs Mr Bodenham 4/1
1820 WALTON colt Frank Buckle 5-9st 2lbs Mr Ramsbottom 8/1
1821 ST PATRICK Sam Day 4-7st 13lbs Mr L Charlton 2/1 fav
1822 NETHERFIELD Frank Boyce 3-7st 6lbs Mr Feilde 5/1
1823 SPRITE Sam Barnard 4-7st 10lbs Mr Northey 7/1
1824 ORION R Boyce 3-6st 8lbs Duke of York 12/1
1825 SPERACETI Jem Robinson 5-8st 8lbs Mr Lambton 8/1
1826 ORATOR George Dockeray aged-8st 5lbs Captain Locke 5/1
1827 MARTHA Thorpe 3-7st 0lbs Mr John Forth 7/1
1828 BROCARD Conolly 4-8st 3lbs Lord Verulam 5/2
1829 LAZARUS Tommy Lye 3-6st 11lbs Mr Young 6/1
1830 CARTHAGO Jem Robinson aged-8st 10lbs Mr Rush 7/2 fav
1831 CARTHAGO Jem Robinson aged-10st 10lbs Lord Worcester 5/2 fav
1832 THE HERMIT Arthur Pavis 3-7st 2lbs Lord Uxbridge 6/4
1833 SHYLOCK Wakefield 3-6st 12lbs Duke of Rutland 6/1
1834 CLEARWELL Bill Arnull 4-9st 4lbs Lord Orford 5/1
1835 Race did not take place in 1835 even though there were plenty of horses available, but the Stewards did not appoint anyone to canvas their owners.
1836 LYRNESSUS S Rogers 4-7st 10lbs Lord Tavistock 13/2
1837 CORBAN S Mann 3-7st 4lbs Lord Exeter 5/2 fav
1837A GRAND CAIRO Arthur Pavis 3-6st 11lbs Colonel J Peel 8/1
1838 DONCASTER Trenn W Treen 4-8st 13lbs Mr Fulwar Craven 6/1
1838A HECTIC Sly 6-9st 6lbs Mr V King 2/1 fav
1839 ALEMDAR Sam Darling Charles Marson 4-8st 11lbs Lord Exeter 9/2
1840 HELLESPONT J Howlett Charles Marson 3-6st 7lbs Lord Exeter 7/1
1841 UNA Nat Flatman W Treen 3-7st 10lbs Mr Treen 3/1
1841A CURLEW E Edwards James Edwards aged-8st 2lbs Mr Shelley 3/1 fav
1842 MONOPS Jem Chapple 5-8st 10lbs Mr Gardnor 8/1
1842A JEREMY DIDDLER Bartholomew 3-7st 3lbs Lord Stradbroke 20/1
1843 DROMEDARY C Balchin 6-7st 1lbs Mr Gerrard 10/1
1843A DIL-BAR Nat Flatman John Scott 4-8st 0lbs Lord Chesterfield 7/1
1844 ISLEWORTH Nat Flatman 5-7st 10lbs Mr Stanborough 8/1
1844A MOUSTACHE Alfred Day 3-6st 0lbs Lord Balchin 8/1
1845 DISCORD Nat Flatman aged-9st 0lbs Lord George Bentinck 5/1
1845A RATCATCHER R Pettit 4-6st 13lbs Mr Howe 5/1
1845B EVENUS Nat Flatman 5-8st 9lbs Lord Stradbroke evens fav
1846 THE CONJUROR E Edwards 3-7st 12lbs Mr E R Clark 5/1
1846A THE TRAVERSER Cartwright 3-8st 7lbs Mr O'Brien 10/1
1847 PIC-NIC Nat Flatman 5-7st 11lbs Sir W Stanley 5/2 fav
1847A BISHOP OF ROMFORDS COB W Abdale aged-9st 4lbs Lord Exeter 4/1 co fav
1848 COSACHIA R Pettit 4-7st 8lbs Lord Exeter 10/1
1848A BISHOP OF ROMFORDS COB Bartholomew aged-9st 7lbs Lord Exeter 5/4 fav
1849 SLASHING ALICE E Sharp 3-6st 8lbs Lord Exeter 6/1
1849A NINA Pearl 3-6st 10lbs Duke of Rutland 2/1 fav
1850 WALLFLOWER G Brown Robert Stephenson 4-6st 13lbs Lord Clifden 5/2
1850A WOODLARK Kitchener 4-7st 3lbs Lord H Lennox 6/1
1851 CANE W Harlock 3-6st 4lbs Lord Exeter 4/1
1851A STRONGBOW Jem Robinson 5-8st 12lbs Lord Clifden 7/2
1852 BLOOD ROYAL T Sherwood 3-5st 11lbs Mr H J Thompson 5/2 fav
1852A KNOOK KNOLL T Smith 4-6st 9lbs Mr W Stebbing 3/1
1853 BATTERY Oliver 3-5st 5lbs Mr T Oliver 3/1
1853A NUTPECKER J Mann 3-6st 13lbs Lord Exeter 3/1
1854 HOBBYHORSE Nat Flatman 4-7st 13lbs Lord Derby 5/2 fav
1854A BROCKET Alfred Day 4-8st 12lbs Mr B Way 7/4 fav
1855 ACROBAT Bartholomew 4-8st 7lbs Lord Derby 5/1
1855A PALMERSTON George Fordham 3-6st 4lbs Lord Chesterfield 2/1 fav
1856 LADY FLORENCE Pritchard 3-6st 3lbs Mr E R Clark 10/1
1856A MABEL Plumb 5-6st 10lbs Mr John Payne 7/4 fav
1857 NOUGAT Bullock 3-5st 13lbs Captain Christie 8/1
1857A EARDROP Prior 4-7st 9lbs Mr Webb 4/1
1858 GREENWICH FAIR Perry 3-6st 7lbs Mr Mills 4/1 jt fav
1858A ADMIRALTY Perry 3-6st 2lbs Mr Batson 4/1
1859 PENALTY W Bottom 3-5st 7lbs Mr S Williams 4/1
1860 PRELUDE Challoner John Scott 4-6st 11lbs Sir Charles Monck 10/1
1860A HORACE Bullock 3-7st 12lbs Mr Hargreaves 10/1
1860B SUBURBAN George Fordham 3-7st 7lbs Count Batthyany 5/4 fav
1861 GIBRALTAR A Edwards 4-8st 0lbs Captain D Lane 10/1
1861A NUTBUSH H Grimshaw 3-7st 7lbs Mr Hawkesley 6/1
1861B THE SAGE Daley 3-6st 2lbs Lord Strathmore 4/6 fav
1862 CONFECTIONER Cresswell 5-7st 9lbs Mr R Boyce 10/1
1862A CLEMENTI Whiteley 3-6st 5lbs Lord Westmorland 3/1
1862B LAPIDIST J Grimshaw 3-5st 10lbs Mr Elphinstone 7/1
1863 EXCHEQUER J Adams 4-8st 0lbs Lord Coventry 3/1
1863A TRAP Mordan 3-5st 7lbs Mr John Payne 5/1
1864 DURHAM T French 3-8st 1lbs Lord Uxbridge 100/8
1864A WALLOON A Edwards 6-8st 1lbs Mr C P Hudson 5/2 fav
1865 THE SWIFT S Adams 3-7st 2lbs Captain Gray 100/8
1865A CHARITY J Grimshaw 3-6st 5lbs Mr W Bevill 7/4 fav
1866 ROBIN HOOD Carroll Joseph Hayhoe snr 3-7st 7lbs Baron Rothschild 5/1
1866A VIGOROUS H Clark Balchin 3-5st 12lbs Mr Hodgman 8/1
1867 BOUNCEAWAY Kenyon Charles Blanton 3-6st 12lbs Prince D Soltykoff 100/30 fav
1867A PYTHON Butler Godding 3-6st 12lbs Mr George Angell 3/1 fav
1868 CHARNWOOD Hammond Robert Peck 3-6st 4lbs Lord Stamford 6/1
1868A LILY Hudson Cowley 3-6st 5lbs Mr Brayley 7/1
1869 TYPHOEUS Morris Joseph Dawson 4-8st 3lbs Count Batthyany 3/1 fav
1869A COCK OF THE WALK Cannon Cowley 4-8st 11lbs Mr E Brayley 100/30
1870 ALLBROOK Cannon William Day 4-8st 2lbs Sir F Johnstone 2/1 fav
1870A ADELAIDE W Gray Alec Taylor 4-7st 4lbs Mr G Payne 5/1
1871 ALBANY Newhouse Harold 4-7st 7lbs Mr Harold 2/1
1871A KNIGHTLEY H Covey Wadlow 3-7st 9lbs Lord Royston 100/8
1872 VANDERDECKEN Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor 3-8st 0lbs Lord Ailesbury 100/30
1872A DEVOTION Lowe Alec Taylor 3-6st 2lbs Mr W S Crawfurd 4/1
1873 MERODACH Fred Archer Hardy 3-6st 10lbs Mr C S Hardy 7/1
1873A CHESNUT Ashworth Joe Cannon 4-7st 7lbs Mr T E Walker 11/8 fav
1874 SOAPSTONE filly Constable Cooper 4-7st 5lbs Captain W H Cooper 10/1
1875 ALBANUS Glover William Day 5-7st 10lbs Mr R Pattison 7/4 fav
1876 THE MANDARIN Newhouse Tom Brown 4-7st 5lbs Mr Joliffe 4/1 fav
1877 ROSBACH Morgan Dover 3-6st 12lbs Lord Rosebery 4/1 fav
1878 TRAPPIST Fred Archer Joe Cannon 6-9st 10lbs Captain Prime 7/2
1879 PHILIPPINE Lemaire Charles Blanton 3-7st 8lbs Mr A C C Barclay 3/1 fav
1880 WARRIOR John Osborne Joe Cannon 6-8st 9lbs Captain Machell 100/8
1881 ST ALBANS colt Barrett Bates 4-6st 4lbs Mr R Jardine 6/1
1882 WOKINGHAM Bowman Bates 5-7st 2lbs Mr R Jardine 10/1
1883 DESPAIR Fred Archer W Stevens 4-8st 7lbs Mr W Gilbert 5/1
1884 ENERGY Fred Archer C Arnull 4-8st 9lbs Mr Manton 5/2
1885 CORUNNA J Wall Charles Bloss 3-6st 5lbs Lord Hartinton 5/1
1886 LOVED ONE Wilton Alec Taylor 3-7st 0lbs Mr Manton 7/1
1887 EVERITT Tommy Loates Tyler 4-6st 9lbs Lord Ailesbury 100/8
1888 ANNAMITE Bradbury Chandler 4-6st 12lbs Sir W Throckmorton 10/1
1889 BRET HARTE F Peake Golding 3-6st 2lbs Mr G Cleveland 100/12
1890 DAY DAWN Bradford Wadlow 3-6st 0lbs Mr H T Fenwick 100/6
1891 RATHBEAL George Chaloner James Jewitt 4-7st 10lbs Captain Machell 9/2 fav
1892 HILDEBERT Bradford Blackwell 4-6st 6lbs Mr Daniel Cooper 10/1
1893 PITCHER Huxtable Tom Leader 3-6st 13lbs Mr C J F Fawcett 5/1
1894 OATLANDS Madden Richard Marsh 4-7st 1lbs Duke of Devonshire 100/7
1895 HEBRON W Clayton James Jewitt 4-7st 1lbs Mr C J Blake 100/14
1896 KILCOCK Madden Sam Darling 4-8st 4lbs Captain Greer 5/2 fav
1897 EL DIABLO C Wood Platt aged-7st 10lbs Mr Martin D Rucker 7/1
1898 MINSTREL Otto Madden Richard Marsh 4-7st 8lbs Duke of Devonshire 100/7
1899 EAGER Morny Cannon Jimmy Ryan 5-9st 7lbs Mr Fairie (aka Mr A W Cox) 9/4 fav
1900 BRIDGE J H Martin William Halsey 4-7st 12lbs Mr W H Pawson 7/1
1901 ROSE TREE C Thorpe Corrigan 5-7st 9lbs Mr E Corrigan 33/1
1902 HIS LORDSHIP J H Watts Morton 3-6st 6lbs Mr J B Joel 100/7
1903 GLASS JUG Miller Major Beatty 4-7st 9lbs Lord Howard De Walden 20/1
1904 OUT O' SIGHT Morny Cannon F Hunt 5-8st 5lbs Mr J Sloncombe 100/12
1905 QUEEN'S HOLIDAY Bernard Dillon Fallon 4-8st 2lbs Captain Forester 5/2 fav
1906 GOLDEN GLEAM W Higgs Richard Marsh 4-8st 0lbs Mr Arthur James 100/8
1907 FORERUNNER II H Watts Sir C Nugent 3-6st 11lbs Mr R D Browning 33/1
1908 PORTLAND BAY Wal Griggs C Morton 4-8st 2lbs Mr J B Joel 100/8
1909 PORTLAND BAY Wal Griggs C Morton 5-8st 2lbs Mr J B Joel 8/1
1910 GALLEOT C Trigg Dewhurst 6-8st 4lbs Mr A Bendon 20/1
1911 MELEAGER J Evans Peter P Gilpin 3-7st 6lbs Mr L Neumann 20/1
1912 BORROW J H Martin A J Joyner 4-8st 2lbs Mr Whitney 100/6
1913 BRAXTED F Herbert Rogers 5-8st 0lbs Sir T Dewar 100/7
1914 MOUNT WILLIAM E Gardner R J Farquharson Mr R J Farquharson 100/7
1915 Race was not staged due to World War 1
1916 Race was not staged due to World War 1
1917 Race was not staged due to World War 1
1918 Race was not staged due to World War 1
1919 SCATWELL F Slade Barling Lord Glanely 4/1
1920 GOLDEN ORB F Slade Jack Jarvis Sir W Cooke 7/4 fav
1921 SANTAQUEST Harry Wragg S Pickering Mr C E Hay 100/30 fav
1922 PROCONSUL A Whalley Cottrill Mrs S Whitburn 25/1
1923 CROWDENNIS Brownie Carslake Atty Persse Mr P Cullinan 100/8
1924 PANDARUS W McLachlan snr Fred Darling Mr H Benjamin 8/1
1925 COMPILER J Brennan Nugent Mr L Schaverien 20/1
1926 CAPTURE HIM J Thwaites F Archer Lord Glanely 20/1
1927 NOTHING VENTURE J Leach Leach Mr F Leach senior 100/6
1928 HERA Barber Platt Sir W Cooke 100/6
1929 SIX WHEELER T Weston Elsey Mr H Clayton 20/1
1930 GRANDMASTER G Richards Hogg Lord Glanely 5/1 jt fav
1931 HERONSLEA J Taylor Peacock Mr W R Smith 100/30 fav
1932 CONCERTO H Wragg O Bell Sir H Cunliffe-Owen 9/2
1933 CONCERTO H Wragg O Bell Sir H Cunliffe-Owen 4/1 fav
1934 COROADO H Gunn Easterby Col F J Lundgren 11/4 fav
1935 THEIO E Smith Jack Jarvis Sir L Philipps 33/1
1936 CORA DEANS S Donoghue Basil Jarvis Sir V Sassoon 7/1
1937 KONG F Sharpe N Scobie Sir C Hyde 33/1
1938 BOLD BEN E C Elliott F Armstrong Mr A E Berry 9/1
1939 AMERICA R A Jones H Jelliss Mr F W Wilmot 20/1
1940 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1941 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1942 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1943 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1944 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1945 Race was not staged due to the Second World War
1946 THE BUG C Smirke Arthur Wellesley (Ireland) Mr Watchman 7/1
1947 LUCKY JORDAN J Sirett A Boyd Mrs G Gilroy 33/1
1948 WHITE COCKADE J Sirett T Leader Mr R L Glasspool 33/1
1949 THE COBBLER G Richards N Murless Lt-Col Giles Loder 4/1 fav
1950 BLUE BOOK E Britt M Marsh Mr H E Morriss 100/6
1951 DONORE W H Carr Boyd-Rochfort Sir H De Trafford 100/9 jt fav
1952 MALKA-S BOY L Piggott Nightingall Mr H E Elvin 100/8
1953 JUPITER J Sirett Beasley Lord Lambton 22/1
1954 MARCH PAST W Rickaby K Cundell Mrs G T Thompson 15/2 jt fav
1955 THE PLUMBER'S MATE Duncan Keith H Smyth Lord Ashcombe 25/1
1956 LIGHT HARVEST J Sime J A Waugh Col D Forster 100/6
1957 DIONISIO E Britt Elsey Mr Phil Bull 5/1
1958 MAGIC BOY D Greening Bolton Lt-Commander Miller 20/1
1959 GOLDEN LEG R P Elliott M Pope Mr E McAlpine 33/1
1960 SILVER KING J Sime S Hall Mr J Phang jnr 15/2 fav
1961 WHISTLER'S DAUGHTER Joe Sime S Hall Mr T Lucas 10/1 co fav
1962 ELCO W Williamson Whelan Mr T Langton 20/1
1963 MARCHER R Hutchinson Hanley Mr R Zelker 100/8
1964 Race was not staged due to a waterlogged course
1965 NUNSHONEY David East Beeby Mr G Todd 33/1
1966 MY AUDREY G Cadwaladr E Cousins Mrs D Rosenfield 20/1
1967 SPANIARDS MOUNT D Smith John Winter Mr B S Border 100/6
1968 CHARICLES David East Lambton Mr Phil Bull 100/7
1969 SKY ROCKET Pat Eddery M Pope Mr A Pope 20/1
1970 VIRGINIA BOY Dennis McKay Dough Smith Mr B S Bodnor 100/9
1971 WHISTLING FOOL D McKay Doug Smith Mr B S Bodner 11/2
1972 LE JOHNSTAN G Lewis J Sutcliffe jnr Mr S Powell 9/1
1973 PLUMMET W Carson J E Sutcliffe Mr M Myers 11/1
1974 GINNIES PET L Piggott J Sutcliffe Mr J Jackson 7/1
1975 BOONE'S CABIN L Piggott M V O'Brien Mr Robert Sangster 6/1
1976 IMPORT M L Thomas Bill Wightman Major H Cayzer 4/1 fav
1977 CALIBINA G Baxter P Cole Mr E Badger 14/1
1978 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY R Curant Arthur Mr P Wentworth 20/1
1979 LORD ROCHFORD Steve Raymont B Swift Mr B Shine 16/1
1980 QUEEN'S PRIDE G Baxter P Cole Mrs L d'Ambrujenil 28/1
1981 GREAT EASTERN W Carson J Dunlop Mrs A Struthers 16/1
1982 BATTLE HYMN A Clark G Harwood Mrs D Abbott 14/1
1983 MELINDRA A McGlone D Elsworth Miss A Winfield 7/1 fav
1984 PETONG B Raymond M Jarvis T Warner 11/1 jt fav
1985 TIME MACHINE W Carson P Hughes Mr T Harty 10/1
1986 TOUCH OF GREY M L Thomas Dave Thom Mr T Jennings 20/1
1987 BEL BYOU T Quinn P Cole Mr F Salman 11/2 fav
1988 POWDER BLUE Tony Ives Peter Makin Stewart McColl 28/1
1989 MAC'S FIGHTER Cash Asmussen Bill O'Gorman Times of Wigan 16/1
1990 KNIGHT OF MERCY Pat Eddery Richard Hannon M W Grant 16/1
1991 AMIGO MENOR Chris Rutter David Murray Smith Frank Glennon 14/1
1992 RED ROSEIN Gary Carter Captain J Wilson J S Gittins 33/1
1993 NAGIDA Jason Weaver James Toller Miss U D Toller 11/1
1994 VENTURE CAPITALIST John Reid Richard Hannon Stanley E Lever 20/1
1995 ASTRAC Sen Sanders Reg Akehurst C J Titcomb 14/1
1996 EMERGING MARKET Kevin Darley John Dunlop Sir Philip Wroughton 33/1
1997 SELHURSTPARK FLYER P Roberts J Berry Chris Deuters 25/1
1998 SELHURSTPARK FLYER C Lowther Jack Berry Chris & Antonia Deuters 16/1
1999 DEEP SPACE Gary Carter Ed Dunlop Maktoum Al Maktoum 14/1
2000 HARMONIC WAY Richard Hughes Roger Charlton Mrs Alexandra Chandris 12/1
2001 NICE ONE CLARE Johnny Murtagh J W Payne Oremsa Partnership 7/1 fav
2002 CAPRICHO T Quinn John Akehurst Canisbay Bloodstock 20/1
2003 RATIO Frankie Dettori J E Hammond Mrs Davall/Mr & Mrs Armstrong 14/1
FAYR JAG Willie Supple Tim Easterby Jonathan Gill 10/1
2004 LAFI Eddie Ahern David Nicholls Alfi & Partners 6/1 fav
2005 IFFRAAJ Philip Robinson Michael Jarvis Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum 9/4 fav
2006 BALTIC KING Jimmy Fortune Hughie Morrison Thurloe Thoroughbreds 10/1
2007 DARK MISSILE William Buick Andrew Balding Mr Jeff Smith 22/1
2008 BIG TIMER Tom Eaves Linda Perratt Gordon McDowall 20/1
2009 HIGH STANDING Ryan Moore William Haggas Findlay & Bloom 6/1
2010 LADDIES POKER TWO Johnny Murtagh Jeremy Noseda Smith,Magnie,Tabor 9/2 fav
2011 DEACON BLUES Johnny Murtagh James Fanshawe M Morris, Jan & Peter Hopper 15/2
2012 DANDY BOY Pat Dobbs David Mamane Malih L Al Basti 33/1
2013 YORK GLORY Jamie Spencer Kevin Ryan Salman Rashid/Moh Khalifa 14/1
2014 BACCARAT George Chaloner Richard Fahey Sir Robert Ogden 9/1
2015 INTERCEPTION George Baker David Lanigan B E Nielsen 10/1
2016 OUTBACK TRAVELLER Martin Harley Robert Cowell Lordship Stud/Mrs J Morley 10/1
2017 OUT DO Danny Tudhope David O'Meara Evan M Sutherland 25/1
2018 BACCHUS Jim Crowley Brian Meehan G Morland, D Erwin, J Woodman 33/1
2019 CAPE BYRON Andrea Atzeni Roger Varian Sheikh Mohammed Obaid 7/2 fav
2020 HEY JONESY Kevin Stott Kevin Ryan Pallister Racing 18/1
2021 ROHAAN Shane Kelly David Evans Chris Kiely Racing 8/1
2022 ROHAAN Ryan Moore David Evans Chris Kiely Ltd, Mr J Tomkins 18/1