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Great Yarmouth opened its gates for the first time on the 20th April 1948 in front of an enthusiastic crowd in excess of 3000. The first meeting was directed by Len Franklin. Although the first year was a successful one, there was a tragedy along the way. At a meeting held on 13th July the Australian Max Pearce was injured and later sadly died in hospital. At this stage the team were competing in the National League Division 3 and did so for one more year before moving into the Second Division.

By 1949 the team dropped its 'Great' but picked up 'The Bloaters' By 1957 speedway returned to the area and the team ran under the name of East Anglia competing in open licence fixtures. By 1959 they were competing in the Southern Area League, including fixtures against Rye House and Eastbourne. Their final year was in 1960 when they competed in the Provincial League, including a fixture against Rayleigh. However, the final meeting took place on 8th August 1960

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YA1.JPG (20879 bytes) The team remained in Division 2 until 1953, where they suffered from small crowds, particularly in the early part of the season. In their last match in the Division they defeated Poole by 50-34. YA2.JPG (20030 bytes)
SP Kilmister.JPG (22032 bytes) The first evidence of greyhound racing in Yarmouth was at a site on Caistor Road which is now the North Denes Heliport. That first meeting took place on 25th March 1932. There is some evidence that speedway also took place, albeit on a grass circuit. The first greyhound track in the area opened in 1940 but this was outside of the jurisdiction of the NGRC. The most important race on the calendar remains the East Anglian Derby orignially run over 500 yards, but currently competed for over 462 metres. SP Pymar.JPG (26265 bytes)
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FACT: Track length was 327 yards and was reduced to 325 yards in 1953

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SP Dallison.JPG (24606 bytes) This section gives a comprehensive picture of the badges produced for the team throughout the ages, but only provides the briefest of glimpses of its history. For those wishing to undertake further research we can recommend a visit to


and for those wishing to read more widely we recommend a visit to

http://astore.amazon.co.uk/wwwgreyhoundd-21   especially

Speedway in East Anglia (Paperback)

by Norman Jacobs   ISBN-10: 0752418823

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YA3.JPG (15977 bytes) FACT: They have only ever had the one nickname 'The Bloaters' YA4.JPG (16368 bytes)

More detailed information is available from "Homes of British Speedway' by Robert Bamford & John Jarvis

A further great source of information is provided on John Skinner's excellent website on Defunct Speedway tracks, with a link given below.

For all Speedway enthusiasts, John Somerville’s website should always be your first port of call:-https://www.skidmarks1928.com/v/photos/john-somerville-collection
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