Brill Punters Club Cheltenham Challenge 2018

On each day of the Cheltenham Festival Meeting Members are invited to select one horse in each of the seven races. The Member achieving the most points at the end of the week will receive a vintage bottle of wine.


By popular demand funds have allowed the Club to present a winners prize, a runners-up prize and, as suggested by Denzil, a wooden spoon for last place. All 3 of those prizes have now been presented!!!!!!

Member 1.30 JCB Triumph Hurdle 2.05 County Hurdle 2.40 Albert Bartlett Novices 3.20 Gold Cup 4.00 Foxhunters Steeplechase 4.40 Martin Pipe Hurdle 5.15 Grand Annual Chase Pts.
John Slusar 1 Farclas Flying Tiger Ok Corral Road To Respect Foxrock Brave Eagle Vaniteux +215
John Slusar 3 Mr Adjudicator Duca de Thaix Dortmund Park Native River Grand Vision Blow by Blow Theinval +193
Linda Sakin Sayo EW Ben Dundee EW Santini EW Definitely Red EW Pacha de Polder EW Mr Big Shot EW Gino Trail EW +134.25
Penny Mitchell Mr Adjudicator EW Flying Tiger EW Dortmund Park EW Road to Respect EW Grand Vision EW Brave Eagle EW Theinval EW +68.75
Jakes Sakin Farclas Flying Tiger Tower Bridge Road To Respect Wonderful Charm Early Doors Gino Trail -34.5
Martin Bailey 1 Apples Shakira Chesterfield Mulcahy's Hill EW Native River Foxrock Melrose Boy Dresden -56.7
Richard Morris-Adams Redicean Flying Tiger Santini Native River Wonderful Charm Dortmund Park Dandridge -62.73
Martin Bailey 2 Story Ireland Spiritof the games Santini Our Duke Foxrock Mr Big Shot Top Gamble -87.0
David Rawlins Redicean Ben Dundee Sandinista Our Duke Virak Burrows Saint Some Plane -98.33
Jink Morris-Adams Apples Shalira Sandsend Santini Might Bite Foxrock EW Deal D'Estruval EW Foxtail Hill EW -101.43
Melanie Vallance Apples Shakira Flying Tiger Dortmund Park EW Might Bite EW Foxrock My Big Shot EW Theinval EW -123
Carolyn Taylor Redicean EW Chesterfield EW Santini EW Might Bite EW Virak EW Mr Big Shot EW Foxtail Hill EW -132.17
Steve Ledingham Mr Adjudicator EW Flying Tiger EW Santini Definitely Red EW Caid Du Berlais EW My Big Shot EW Don't Touch It EW -139.4
Pete Reeve Apples Shakira Ben Dundee EW Santini EW Road To Respect EW Caid du Berlais EW Melrose Boy EW Do it for the Village EW -145.33
Denzil Underwood Apples Shakira EW Bleu & Rouge EW Santini EW Might Bite EW Wonderful Charm EW Sire du Berlais EW Bouvreuill EW -149.47
Martin Bailey 3 Apples Shakira Flying Tiger Chef Des Obeaux Might Bite Virak Diese Des Bieffes Townshend -173.33
Roland Tingey Apples Shakira Sandsend Santini Definitely Red Unioniste Brillare Momento Gino Trail -185
John Slusar 2 Gumball Sternrubin Enniscorthy Oscar Total Recall Cousin Pete Blow by Blow Theinval -200


Member 1.30 JTL Chase 2.05 Pertemps Hurdle 2.40 Ryanair Chase 3.20 World Hurdle 4.00 Byrne Group Chase 4.40 Fulke Walwyn Chase 5.15 St Patrick's Derb Pts.
John Slusar 1 Shattered Love Sort It Out Cloudy Dream Penhill Drumcliff Cap Soleil Missed Approach +185
Penny Mitchell Terrefort Forza Milan EW Un De Sceaux Penhill EW Kings Socks EW Maria's Benefit EW Sugar Baron EW +98.75
John Slusar 3 Bignartre Delta Wwork Balko des Flos Wholestone Last Goodbye Laurina Band of Blood +83
Martin Bailey 2 Finian's Oscar Glenloe Balko des Flos Wholestone Mercian Prince EW Laurina Final Nudge -17.0
David Rawlins Terrefort Delta Work Un De Sceaux Sam Spinner Mercian Prince Maria's Benefit Wild West Wind -28.33
Jink Morris-Adams Finians Oscar Glenloe EW Un De Sceaux Sam Spinner Movewith thetimes EW Laurina Squouateur -31.43
Martin Bailey 1 Terrefort Sykes EW Un De Sceaux Sam Spinner Willie Boy Laurina Pendra EW -46.7
Richard Morris-Adams Modus Louis Vac'Pouch Un de Sceaux L'Ami Serge Fav Cap Soleil Fav -52.73
Linda Sakin Kemboy EW Forza Milan EW Balko des Flos EW Supasundae EW Willie Boy EW Cut the Mustard EW Sugar Baron EW -53.75
Jakes Sakin Benatar EW Forza Milan EW Balco des Flos EW Wholestone EW Traffic Fluide EW Countister EW Sugar Baron EW -64.5
Steve Ledingham Terrefort Glenloe Un de Sceaux Supasundae Oldgrange wood EW Maria's Benefit Pendra EW -84.4
Pete Reeve Modus EW Kansas City Chief EW Douvan L'Ami Serge Oldgrange wood EW Spice Girl EW Band of Blood EW -84.33
Melanie Vallance Terrafort Delta Work Un De Sceaux The New One EW Kings Socks Laurina Sugar Baron -88
Denzil Underwood Terrefort A Great View Frodon Sam Spinner Willie Boy Launrina Band of Blood -98.47
Martin Bailey 3 Benatar Delta Work Cue Card The New One Kings Socks Cap Soleil Milanisi Boy -103.33
Carolyn Taylor Bigmartre EW Delta Work EW Un De Sceaux EW Sam Spinner EW Kings Socks EW Laurina EW Sugar Baron EW -106.17
Roland Tingey Benatar Lovenormoney EW Frodon Sam Spinner Mercian Prince EW Maria's Benefit Actinpieces EW -115
John Slusar 2 Snow Falcon A Great View Frodon L'Ami Serge Willie Boy High School Days Mall Dini -130


Member 1.30 Neptune Investment 2.05 RSA Chase 2.40 Coral Cup Hurdle 3.20 Queen Mother Chase 4.00 Glenfarclas Cross Country 4.40 Fred Winter Juvenile 5.15 Champion Bumper Pts.
Penny Mitchell Vision des Flos EW Black Corton Blue Berry EW Altior Bless The Wings Mitchouka EW Volcano EW +83.75
Jink Morris-Adams Samcro Black Corton EW Royal Vacation EW Altior Tiger Roll Turning Gold EW Fav +12.27
Martin Bailey 1 Samcro Monalee Top of the Game Altior Tiger Roll Knight Destroyer EW Tornado Flyer +7.6
Steve Ledingham Vision des Flos EW Monalee As You Were EW Gods Own EW Urgent de Gregaine EW Nube Negra Acey Milan -14.4
John Slusar 1 Next Destination Presenting Percy Mount Mews Douvan Auvergnat Act of Valour Rhinestone -15
John Slusar 3 Samcro Dounikos Le Breuil Min Josies Orders Mitchouka Blackbow -22.73
Pete Reeve Scarpeto EW Monalee Red Indian EW Altior Tiger Roll EW Esprit de Somaza EW Carefully Selected EW -24.33
David Rawlins Vision des Flos Black Corton William Henry Altior Bless the Wings Mitchouka Thebanner kingrebel -28.33
Richard Morris-Adams Samoo Black Corton Bleu et Rouge Altior Auvergnat Nube Negra Rhinestone -42.73
Denzil Underwood Next Destination EW Al Boum Photo EW Max Dynamite EW Douvan EW Cause of Causes EW Look My Way EW Carefully Selected EW -44.17
Roland Tingey Vision des Flos EW Black Corton Burbank EW Altior The Last Samuri Eureu De Buay EW Acey Milan -45
Martin Bailey 2 Samcro Presenting Percy Mount Mews Min Cause of Causes Grand Sancy Know the Score EW -52.73
Linda Sakin Black Op EW Al Boum Photo EW Red Indian EW Politologue EW Frederici EW Embole EW Thebanner kingrebel EW -56.25
John Slusar 2 Duc des Genieves Elegant Escape Diamond King Politilogue Tiger Roll Style De Garde Felix Desjy -60
Jakes Sakin Black Op EW Dounikos EW Mischievous Max EW Min EW Josies Orders EW Mercenaire EW Rhinestone EW -94.5
Carolyn Taylor Vision des Flos Black Corton Top of the Game Altior Bless the Wings The King of May Acey Milan -103.33
Martin Bailey 3 Next Destination Elegant Escape Burbank Altior Auvergnat Lisp Blackbow -103.33
Melanie Vallance Next Destination EW Black Corton Top of the Game Min EW Last Samari Nube Negra Carefully Selected -103.67


Member 1.30 Supreme Novices 2.05 Arkle Chase 2.40 Baylis/Harding Chase 3.20 Champion Hurdle 4.00 Mares Hurdle 4.00 National Hunt Chase 5.15 Novices Handicap Chase Pts.
John Slusar 3 Summerville Boy Saint Calvados Gold Present Elgin Apples Jade No Comment Barney Dwan +30
David Rawlins Kalashnikov Saint Calvados Vintage Clouds Buveur D'Air Apples Jade Me Parfois Mister Whitaker +21.67
John Slusar 1 Mengli Khan Footpad Ramses de Teillee Buveur D'Air Benie Des Dieux Sizzing Tennessee De Plotting Shed +20
Roland Tingey Kalashnikov Saint Calvados Cogry Elgin La Bague Au Roi Duel at Dawn Mister Whitaker +5
Denzil Underwood Kalashnikov Footpad Vicente Wicklow Brave Benie de Dieux Pylonthe Pressure Ballyhill +3.33
Linda Sakin Claimant akinforgen EW St Calvados Cogry EW Melon EW Benie de Dieux Ms Comment EW Any Second Now EW -1.25
Penny Mitchell First Flow EW Petit Mouchoir Vintage Clouds EW Yorkhill EW Benie de Dieux Jury Duty Livelovelaugh EW -1.25
Richard Morris-Adams Paloma Blue Saint Calvados Coo Star Sivola Faugheen Apples Jade Ms Parfois Kalondra -10
Steve Ledingham Kalashinkov Saint Calvados Vintage Clouds Elgin EW Jer's Girl Ew Jury Duty Mr Whitaker EW -19.4
Jink Morris-Adams Paloma Blue EW Footpad Yala Enki EW Buveur D'Air Apples Jade Duel at Dawn EW Fav. -35
Martin Bailey 2 Getabird Footpad Yala Enki Buveur D'Air Le Bague Au Roi Mossbank Any Second Now -35
Martin Bailey 1 Kalashnikov Footpad Maeses De Teilee Faugheen EW Apples Jade Ms Parfois EW De Plotting Shed -39.67
Pete Reeve Kalashnikov Petit Mouchoir Wakanda EW Buveur D'Air Apples Jade Ms Parfois EW De Plotting Shed EW -41.33
Jakes Sakin Kalashnikov Petit Mouchoi Shantou Flyer EW Elgin EW Jer's Girl EW Ms Parfois Any Second Now -47.5
Melanie Vallance Kalashnikov Footpad Beware the Bear Faugheen Apples Jade Jury Duty Any Second Now -51.67
Carolyn Taylor Kalashnikov St Calvados Vintage Clouds Buveur d'Air Apples Jade Ms Parfois Fav -53.33
Martin Bailey 3 Paloma Blue Petit Mouchoir Gold Present Buveur D'Air Apples Jade Jury Duty Testify -53.33
John Slusar 2 Getabird Petit Mouchoir Shantou Flyer Wicklow Brave La Bague Au Roi Mossback Tycoon Prince -70