York Ebor Challenge

On each of the 4 days of the York Ebor meeting, from Wednesday 19th August 2020 to Saturday 22nd August 2020, participants are invited to select one horse in each of the 5 Televised races, stating whether they wish each of their selections to be Win or Each-way. Each person can have up to 3 separate accounts, and the person achieving the most points at the conclusion of the meeting will win a case of their chosen 'poison'.
SATURDAY 22nd August 2020
Member 1.45 Strensall Stakes 2.15 Melrose Stakes 2.45 City of York Stakes 3.15 Ebor Handicap 3.45 Roses Stakes Pts.
Dilys Jones3 Dark Vision Bodyline One Master Monica Sherrif Acklam Express +274.5
Dilys Jones2 Zabeel Prince A Star Above One Master True Self Ben Macdui +147.8
Heidi Thomas3 Dark Vision A Star Above One Master Monica Sherrif Ben Macdui +137.3
Ron Evans1 Pogo Coltrane Shine So Bright Jeremiah Ben Macdui +125
Eamonn O'Brien3 Prince Eiji Coltrane Shine So Bright Jeremiah Winter Power +87
James Walker2 Epic Hero Coltrane Shine So Bright Kings Advice Nomadic Empire +72.5
Jakes Sakin Pogo Arthurian Fable EW Threat Ranch Hand EW Queen of Rio EW +60
Bryan Bird Dark Vision EW Cotrane EW Safe Voyage Verdana Blue EW Ben Macdui +60
Nigel Jones1 Prince Eiji Kings Charisma One Master Hochfield Acklam Express +33.3
Linda Sakin Pogo EW Kipps EW Brando EW Verdana Blue EW Politics EW +27
Chris Hensby Certain Lad EW Dancing Approach EW Safe Voyage EW Pondus Blackberry +15
Heidi Thomas1 Miss O'Connor Coltrane Shine So Bright Fujaira Prince Blackberry +15
Heidi Thomas2 Lord Glitters Favourite Moon Threat True Self Winter Power 0
John Slusar2 Certain Lad Punctuation Queen Jo Jo Dash of Spice Nomadic Empire -5
Caroline Sanderson Zabeel Prince EW Mambo Nights EW Threat EW Trueshan EW Blackberry EW -8.2
James Walker1 Zabeel Prince Dancing Approach Escobar Ghostwatch Winter Power -10
Kate O'Brien2 Prince Eiji Kings Charisma San Donato Hochfield Ben Macdui -13
Pat Mailer Zabeel Prince Danicing Approach San Donato Ranch Hand Winter Power -17.2
Ian Mailer Lord Glitters Favourite Moon One Master Fujaira Prince Ben Macdui -26
Kate O'Brien3 Pogo Midnights Legacy Shine So Bright Jeremiah Lauded -33.5
Eamonn O'Brien2 Pogo King Charisma Threat Verdana Blue Acklam Express -64
Ron Evans2 Certain Lad Mambo Nights San Donato True Self Lauded -67.5
John Slusar3 Miss O'Connor Danicing Approah Escobar Kings Advice Macho Pride -76.2
Fran Hensby Pogo Kipps Threat Jeremiah EW Blackberry EW -85.5
Eamonn O'Brien1 Lord Glitters A Star Above One Master Trueshan Ben Macdui -89.8
Rhea Evans1 Beringer Fishable Beat Le Bon Shailene Queen of Rio -100
Rhea Evans3 Dark Vision Eastern Sheriff Threat Ranch Hand Mamba Wamba -105
Jeremy Reynolds Epic Hero Dancing Approach Beat Le Bon Jeremiah Pivoine -116
Rhea Evans2 Zabeel Prince King Charisma Safe Voyage Euchen Glen Blackberry -120
Kate O'Brien1 Beringer Arthurian Fable Beat Le Bon Pondus Blackberry -124.7
Nigel Jones2 Epic Hero Arthurian Fable Brando Alright Sunshine Politics -126.2
Nigel Jones3 Lord Glitters A Star Above Escobar Glencadam Glory Acklam Express -146.7
James Walker3 Beringer Wise Glory Brando Ghostwatch Winter Power -190
Dilys Jones1 Dark Vision Midnights Legacy Queen Jo Jo Pablo Escobar Ben Macdui -200
John Slusar1 Epic Hero Wise Glory Brando Scarlet Dragon Queen of Rio -200
Ron Evans3 Miss O'Connor Bodyline One Master Ghostwatch Politics -200


FRIDAY 21st August 2020
Member 1.45 Sky Bet Stakes 2.15 Lonsdale Cup 2.45 Gimcrack Stakes 3.15 Nunthorpe Stakes 3.45 Convivial Maiden Pts.
Dilys Jones3 Zabeel Champion Nayef Road Minizaal Battaash Naval Crown +281.5
Dilys Jones2 Restorer Enbihaar Mohawk King Art Power Tawleed +197.8
Heidi Thomas3 Restorer Nayef Road Minzaal Que Amoro EW Naval Crown +187.3
Linda Sakin Kings Caper EW Withhold EW Roman Destiny EW Aali EW Broomy Law EW +53
Heidi Thomas2 Alfaatik Enbihaar Yazaman Emaraaty Ana EW Dingle +50
Caroline Sanderson On To Victory EW Stratum EW Lauded EW Aali EW Tawleed EW +41.8
Jakes Sakin Kings Caper Stratum EW Yazaman Que Amoro EW Red Right Sand +41
James Walker1 Byron Flyer Nayef Road Mystery Smiles Aali Tawleed +40
Nigel Jones1 Kings Caper Dashing Willoughby Yazaman Que Amoro Dingle +40
Kate O'Brien2 Entangling Enbihaar Mohawk King Battaash Tawleed +37
Ron Evans1 Alfaatik Eagles By Day Ubetabelieveit Emaraaty Ana Fast Medicine +35
Pat Mailer Alfaatik Stratum Mohawk King Battaash Tawleed +32.8
Kate O'Brien3 Restorer Dashing Willoughby Minizaal Battaash Naval Crown +6.5
Eamonn O'Brien3 Kings Caper Dashing Willoughby Mohawk King Battaash Rushmore -3
James Walker2 Entangling Dashing Willoughby Yazaman Battaash Naval Crown -17.5
Fran Hensby Kings Caper Dashing Willoughby Seven Brothers EW Art Power Fast Medicine EW -35.5
Bryan Bird Zabeel Champion Enbihaar Yazaman Battaash Tawleed -36
Chris Hensby Kings Caper EW Eagles By Day EW Ubetterbeleivit EW Battaash Rich Dream EW -39
Eamonn O'Brien1 Zabeel Champion Nayef Road Minizaal Battaash Naval Crown -39.8
Ian Mailer Zabeel Champion Nayef Road Minzaal Battaash Rushmore -41
Rhea Evans1 Byron Flyer Nayef Road Roman Dynasty Ornate Fast Medicine -50
Rhea Evans3 Alfaatik Eagles By Day Lauded Aali Dingle -55
Eamonn O'Brien2 Restorer Enbihaar Yazaman Battaash Tawleed -57
John Slusar2 On To Victory Withhold Seven Brothers Moss Gill Right Red Sand -65
Jeremy Reynolds Zabeel Champion Dashing Willoughby Mystery Smiles Battaash Rushmore -66
Kate O'Brien1 Zabeel Champion Nayef Road Yazaman Battaash Naval Crown -74.7
Nigel Jones2 Dark Jedi Nayef Road Escape Route Aali Broomy Law -76.2
Rhea Evans2 Zabeel Champion Enbihaar Ubetabelieveit Art Power Tawleed -120
John Slusar3 Koeman Who Dares Wins Yazaman Aali Rich Dream -126.2
Ron Evans2 Dark Jedi Dashing Willoughby Mystery Smiles Art Power Naval Crown -127.5
Nigel Jones3 Kings Caper Stratum Devilwala Lady Aurelia Broomy Law -140
James Walker3 Koeman Eagles By Day Lauded Art Power Dingle -140
Heidi Thomas1 Zabeel Champion Dashing Willoughby Mystery Smiles Lady Aurelia EW Tawleed -140
Dilys Jones1 Restorer Withhold Seven Brothers Moss Gill Rushmore -150
John Slusar1 Entangling Stratum Mohawk King Emaraaty Ana Encounter Order -150
Ron Evans3 Entangling Dashing Willoughby Escape Route Kurious Rich Dream -150


THURSDAY 20th August 2020
Member 1.45 Lowther Stakes 2.15 Goffs Premier Stakes 2.45 Clipper Logistics 3.15 Yorkshire Oaks 3.45 Galtres Stakes Pts.
Dilys Jones3 Sacred Uncle Jumbo Montatham Love Vivionn +259
Dilys Jones2 Sussex Garden Devious Company Prompting Love Gold Wand +217.8
Heidi Thomas3 Sacred Kraken Power EW Montatham Love Gold Wand +152.8
Linda Sakin Miss Amulet EW Tinochio EW Walhaan EW Franconia EW Albaflora EW +103
James Walker1 Sussex Garden Talbot Walhaan One Voice Lady G +90
Nigel Jones1 Setarhe Apred Dark Walhaan Franconia Bharani Star +90
Kate O'Brien2 Scarlet Bear EW Line of Departure EW Ouzo EW Love Bharani Star EW +42
Jakes Sakin Setarhe EW Out the Hat EW Shelir EW Alpinista EW Bharani Star EW +39
Eamonn O'Brien3 Sussex Garden Uncle Jumbo Prompting Love Vivionn +32
Caroline Sanderson Setarhe EW Fools Rush In EW Walhaan EW Frankly Darling EW Award Scheme EW +26.5
Fran Hensby Sussex Garden EW Out of the Hat EW Qaysar EW One Voice EW Bharani Star EW +14.5
Ron Evans1 Scarlet Bear Fools Rush In Top Rank Frankly Darling Award Scheme 0
Chris Hensby Miss Amulet EW Brazen Prince EW Whats The Story EW Love Bharani Star EW -4
James Walker2 Hala Hala Hala Happy Romance Montatham Franconia Albaflora -5
John Slusar2 Miss Amulet Adaay Dream Qaysar Manuela De Vega Star Terms -15
Heidi Thomas2 Miss Amulet Devious Company Walhaan Alpinista Albaflora -15
Kate O'Brien3 Sussex Garden Gillian Prompting Love Gold Wand -16
Pat Mailer Setarhe Apres Dark Mutamaasik Love Sea of Faith -17.2
Nigel Jones2 Santosha Happy Romance Ouzo Mauela De Vega Albaflora -26.2
Jeremy Reynolds Umm Kulthum Uncle Jumbo Ouzo Love Albaflora -31
Bryan Bird Sacred Devious Company Prompting EW Love Gold Wand EW -31
Ian Mailer Sacred Devious Company Montatham Love Sea of Faith -41
Eamonn O'Brien2 Sacred Out The Hat EW Walhaan EW Frankly Darling EW Golden Pass EW -52
Kate O'Brien1 Sacred Uncle Jumbo Top Rank Love Albaflora -62.2
Eamonn O'Brien1 Sacred Devious Company Top Rank Love Albaflora -62.2
John Slusar3 Noorban Kraken Power Shelir Alpinista Bharani Star -76.2
John Slusar1 Hala Hala Hala Talbot Orbaan One Voice Black Lotus -100
Rhea Evans2 Umm Kultum Tinochio Sir Busker Manuela De Vega Lady G -100
Ron Evans2 Umm Kulthum Billian Mutamaasik One Voice Star Terms -100
Heidi Thomas1 Sussex Garden Billian EW Top Rank Frankly Darling Vivionn -100
Rhea Evans3 Belissime Out The Hat Firmament Franconia Sea The Faith -100
Dilys Jones1 On My Way Bhubezi Whats The Story Frankly Darling Sea The Faith -100
Nigel Jones3 Cream of the Crop Vedute Arigato One Voice Sea The Faith -100
James Walker3 Noorban Fools Rush In Ouzo Maulela De Vega Sea of Faith -100
Rhea Evans1 Shes So Nice Rebel At Dawn Deep Intrigue Franconia Black Lotus -100
Ron Evans3 Wings of a Dove Power Station Chatez Frankly Darling Eva Maria -100


WEDNESDAY 19th August 2020
Member 1.45 Symphony Stakes 2.15 Acomb Stakes 2.45 Great Voltigeur 3.15 Juddmonte International 3.45 Sky Bet Stakes Pts.
Dilys Jones3 Acclaim The Nation Titan Rock Pyledriver Lord North Pochester House +250
Dilys Jones2 Jawwaal Gear Up Pyledriver Ghaiyyath Monsieur Lambrays +183.8
James Walker1 Aplomb Cloudbridge Berkshire Rocco Lord North Summer Moon +140
Nigel Jones1 Soldiers Minute Royal Scimitar Roberto Escobarr Lord North Summer Moon +140
Linda Sakin Acclaim The Nation EW Titan Rock EW Subjectivist EW Rose of Kildare EW Indianapolis EW +98
Heidi Thomas3 Just Another Bottle Gear Up Subjectivist Ghaiyyath Rajinsky +73.8
Kate O'Brien2 Aplomb EW Royal Scimitar Berkshire Rocco EW Kameko Summer Moon EW +68
Eamonn O'Brien3 Acclaim The Nation EW Darvel Berkshire Rocco EW Lord North Just In Time EW +68
Caroline Sanderson Jonah Jones EW Spycatcher EW Pyledriver EW Magical EW Rajinsky EW +65
Ron Evans1 Came From The Dark Gear Up Mogul Kameko Solo Saxaphone +50
Fran Hensby Aplomb EW Gear Up EW Berkshire Rocco EW Lord North Rajinsky EW +26.5
Jakes Sakin Aplomb Broxi EW Berkshire Rocco EW Magical Indianapolis EW +13
Jeremy Reynolds Tarboosh EW Royal Scimitar Berkshire Rocco Lord North Just In Time +5
Chris Hensby Soldiers Minute EW Titan Rock EW Subjectivist EW Kameko Rochester House EW -23
Kate O'Brien1 Jawwaal Royal Scimitar Mogul Ghaiyyath Monsieur Lambrays -26.2
Eamonn O'Brien1 Jawwaal Cloudbridge Mogul Ghaiyyath Monsieur Lambrays -26.2
John Slusar3 Arecibo Cloudbridge Darain Ghaiyyath Make My Day -26.2
Nigel Jones2 Jonah Jones Darvel Subjectivist Ghaiyyath Just In Time -26.2
Pat Mailer Jonah Jones Royal Scimitar Mogul Ghaiyyath Volcanic Sky -26.5
Ian Mailer Arecibo Cloudbridge Mogul Magical Make My Day -50
John Slusar1 Aplomb Royal Scimitar Mogul Magical Volcanic Day -50
Bryan Bird Jawwaal EW Royal Scimitar Darain Lord North Monsieur Lamrays EW -50
Rhea Evans2 Mubaalegh Praise of Shadows Mogul Magical Indianapolis -50
Heidi Thomas2 Muscika Darvel Darain Lord North Make My Day -50
Ron Evans2 Copper Knight Darvel Darain Magical Eddystone Rock -50
Eamonn O'Brien2 Just Another Bottle EW Royal Scimitar Roberto Escobarr Magical Here & Now EW -50
Heidi Thomas1 Magic J Cloudbridge Highland Chief Magical Solo Saxaphone -50
Rhea Evans3 Just Another Bottle Praise of Shadows Berkshire Rocco Kameko True Destiny -50
Dilys Jones1 Lahore Cloudbridge Highland Chief Lord North Here & Now -50
Nigel Jones3 Hyperfocus Royal Scimitar Juan Elcano Magical Just Hubert -50
James Walker2 Hyperfocus Royal Scimitar Highland Chief Magical Eddystone Rock -50
James Walker3 Came from the Dark Darvel Juan Elcano Kameko Here & Now -50
Rhea Evans1 Jabbarockie Spycatcher Highland Chief Kameko Blakeney Point -50
Ron Evans3 Muscika Broxi Berkshire Rocco Rose of Kildare Elector -50
Kate O'Brien3 Just Another Bottle EW Cloudbridge Roberto Escobarr Lord North Make My Day -50
John Slusar2 Magic J Darvel Roberto Escobarr Lord North Rajinsky -50