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The primary aim of this section is to provide a pictorial history of the badges of every Scottish Football League Club. I am indebted to Chris Skinner, one of the  principal football badge collectors in the country, for allowing me access to his remarkable collection.

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Founded 1877 Blackstoun Park ABERCORN Abers Defunct 1920
Founded 1903 Pittodrie Stadium ABERDEEN The Dons Premiership
Aberdeen 1CS.JPG (20198 bytes) Aberdeen 2CS.JPG (7897 bytes) Aberdeen 3CS.JPG (7923 bytes) Aberdeen 4CS.JPG (8748 bytes)
Aberdeen 5CS.JPG (7462 bytes) Aberdeen 6CS.JPG (11358 bytes) Aberdeen 7CS.JPG (9474 bytes) Aberdeen 8CS.JPG (11217 bytes)
Aberdeen 9CS.JPG (17868 bytes) Aberdeen 10CS.JPG (7302 bytes) Aberdeen 11cs.JPG (17104 bytes) Aberdeen 14CS.JPG (8971 bytes)
Aberdeen 13CS.JPG (5291 bytes) Aberdeen 15CS.JPG (7577 bytes) Aberdeen 12CS.JPG (10003 bytes)
Founded 1878 Excelsior Stadium AIRDRIEONIANS The Diamonds Dissolved 2002
Airdrie 1CS.JPG (10318 bytes) Airdrie 2CS.JPG (6099 bytes) Airdrie 3CS.JPG (7583 bytes) Airdrie 4CS.JPG (7514 bytes)
Founded 2002 New Broomfield AIRDRIE UNITED The Diamonds Division 1
Airdrie United 1CS.JPG (6611 bytes)
Founded 1882 Clifton Hill ALBION ROVERS The Wee Rovers Division 3
Albion Rovers 1CS.JPG (9424 bytes) Albion Rovers 3CS.JPG (12297 bytes) Albion Rovers 2CS.JPG (8568 bytes) Albion Rovers 4CS.JPG (11779 bytes)
Founded 1878 Recreation Park ALLOA ATHLETIC The Wasps Division 2
Alloa 3CS.JPG (12802 bytes) Alloa 2CS.JPG (10994 bytes) Alloa 4CS.JPG (6790 bytes) Alloa 5CS.JPG (8372 bytes)
Alloa 1CS.JPG (12356 bytes) Alloa 6CS.JPG (10836 bytes)
Founded 1942 Galabank ANNAN ATHLETIC Black & Golds Division 3
Annan 1CS.JPG (7686 bytes) Annan 2cs.JPG (8861 bytes)
Founded 1878 Gayfield Park ARBROATH The Red Lichties Division 2
Arbroath 1CS.JPG (15093 bytes) Arbroath 2CS.JPG (8015 bytes) Arbroath 3CS.JPG (14731 bytes) Arbroath 4CS.JPG (9548 bytes)
Arbroath 5CS.JPG (8788 bytes) Arbroath 6CS.JPG (11843 bytes) Arbroath 7CS.JPG (13164 bytes) Arbroath 8CS.JPG (5934 bytes)
Arbroath 9CS.JPG (6320 bytes)
Founded 1910 Volunteer Park ARMADALE Armies Defunct 1935
Founded 1879 Beresford Park AYR F.C. Crimsons Dissolved 1910
Founded 1886 Ballantine Drive AYR PARKHOUSE Parkies Dissolved 1910
Founded 1910 Somerset Park AYR UNITED The Honest Men Division 1
Ayr 1CS.JPG (8485 bytes) Ayr 2CS.JPG (4994 bytes) Ayr 3CS.JPG (6899 bytes) Ayr 4CS.JPG (9781 bytes)
Ayr 5CS.JPG (4479 bytes) Ayr 6CS.JPG (7216 bytes) Ayr 101.JPG (19187 bytes)
Founded 1893 Mill Park BATHGATE Bathers Defunct 1938
Founded 1881 Shielfield Park BERWICK RANGERS The Borderers Division 3
Berwick 1CS.JPG (10284 bytes) Berwick 2CS.JPG (13250 bytes) Berwick 3CS.JPG (14350 bytes) Berwick Rangers 4CS.JPG (9142 bytes)
Berwick Rangers 5CS.JPG (9117 bytes) Berwick Rangers 6CS.JPG (7245 bytes)
Founded 1882 Newton Park BO'NESS The Nessies Bo'ness United
Founded 1906 Glebe Park BRECHIN CITY The Hedgemen Division 2
Brechin 1CS.JPG (10032 bytes) Brechin 2CS.JPG (8056 bytes) Brechin 3CS.JPG (7489 bytes) Brechin City 4CS.JPG (12845 bytes)
Founded 1912 Sports Park BROXBURN UNITED Thistles Defunct 1932
Founded 1874 Cambuslang CAMBUSLANG The Rangers Defunct 1897
Founded 1891 Chapelhill Park CLACKMANNAN The Clackies Defunct 1931
Founded 1878 Broadwood Stadium CLYDE The Bully Wee Division 2
Clyde 1CS.JPG (16781 bytes) Clyde 2CS.JPG (10486 bytes) Clyde 3CS.JPG (13265 bytes) Clyde 4CS.JPG (7695 bytes)
Clyde 5CS.JPG (7361 bytes) Clyde 6CS.JPG (17930 bytes)
Founded 1899 Holm Park CLYDEBANK The Bankies Reformed 2003
Clydebank 1CS.JPG (11053 bytes)
Founded 1881 Central Park COWDENBEATH The Beeef Division 2
Cowdenbeath 1CS.JPG (16150 bytes) Cowdenbeath 2CS.JPG (11714 bytes)
Founded 1876 Springfield Park COWLAIRS The Cows Dissolved 1896