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The primary aim of this section is to provide a pictorial history of the badges of every Scottish Football League Club. I am indebted to Chris Skinner, one of the  principal football badge collectors in the country, for allowing me access to his remarkable collection.

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Founded 1910 King Edward's Park MID-ANNANDALE Mids Wound Up 1936
Founded 1879 Links Park MONTROSE The Gable Enders Division 3
Montrose 1CS.JPG (13751 bytes) Montrose 2CS.JPG (11012 bytes) Montrose 3CS.JPG (12143 bytes) Montrose 4CS.JPG (8372 bytes)
Montrose 5CS.JPG (6948 bytes) Montrose 6CS.JPG (18346 bytes) Montrose 17CS.JPG (8228 bytes) Montrose 19CS.JPG (12277 bytes)
Founded 1886 Fir Park Stadium MOTHERWELL The Well Premiership
Motherwell 1CS.JPG (20581 bytes) Motherwell 2CS.JPG (18566 bytes) Motherwell 4CS.JPG (15044 bytes) Motherwell 5CS.JPG (7262 bytes)
Motherwell 6CS.JPG (5568 bytes) Motherwell 7CS.JPG (8813 bytes) Motherwell 8CS.JPG (10537 bytes) Motherwell 9CS.JPG (9329 bytes)
Motherwell 3CS.JPG (13916 bytes) Motherwell 10CS.JPG (12320 bytes)
Founded 1874 Hyde Park NORTHERN Springs Wound Up 1897
Founded 1876 Firhill Stadium PARTICK THISTLE The Jags Division 1
Partick 1CS.JPG (16958 bytes) Partick 2CS.JPG (12277 bytes) Partick 3CS.JPG (9259 bytes) Partick 8CS.JPG (12524 bytes)
Partick 5CS.JPG (6403 bytes) Partick 6CS.JPG (5995 bytes) Partick 7CS.JPG (10523 bytes) Partick 4CS.JPG (7323 bytes)
Founded 1890 Balmoor PETERHEAD The Blue Toon Division 2
Peterhead 1CS.JPG (13301 bytes) Peterhead 2CS.JPG (12544 bytes)
Founded 1880 Clune Park PORT GLASGOW ATHLETIC The Undertakers Dissolved 1912
Founded 1919 Palmerston Park QUEEN OF THE SOUTH Doonhammers Division 1
Queen of South 1CS.JPG (13346 bytes) Queen of south 2cs.JPG (12774 bytes) Queen of south 3cs.JPG (10641 bytes) Queen of south 9CS.JPG (8422 bytes)
Queen of South 5CS.JPG (7874 bytes) Queen of South 6CS.JPG (8146 bytes) Queen of south 8CS.JPG (7566 bytes) Queen of south 10CS.JPG (10570 bytes)
Founded 1867 Hampden Park QUEEN'S PARK The Spiders Division 3
Queens Park 1CS.JPG (12360 bytes) Queens Park 2CS.JPG (4968 bytes) Queens Park 3CS.JPG (8813 bytes) Queens Park 4CS.JPG (9788 bytes)
Queens Park 7CS.JPG (29539 bytes) Queens Park 6CS.JPG (12140 bytes) Queens Park 5CS.JPG (21720 bytes) Queens Park 8CS.JPG (20169 bytes)
Queens Park 9CS.JPG (8976 bytes)
Founded 1883 Stark's Park RAITH ROVERS The Rovers Division 1
Raith 1CS.JPG (12795 bytes) Raith 2CS.JPG (15571 bytes) Raith 3CS.JPG (7047 bytes) Raith 4cs.JPG (12057 bytes)
Founded 1872 Tontine Park RENTON Renters Dissolved 1922
Founded 1929 Victoria Park ROSS COUNTY The Staggies Division 1
Ross 1CS.JPG (11055 bytes) Ross County 2CS.JPG (6590 bytes)
Founded 1911 Kimmerton Park SOLWAY STAR Stars Wound Up 1928
Founded 1878 The Meadows ST BERNARD'S Saints Dissolved 1951
Founded 1884 Ochilvien Park STENHOUSEMUIR The Warriors Division 2
Stenhousemuir 1CS.JPG (12797 bytes) Stenhousemuir 2CS.JPG (6902 bytes) Stenhousemuir 3cs.JPG (12825 bytes) Stenhousemuir 4CS.JPG (7870 bytes)
Founded 1945 Forthbank Stadium STIRLING ALBION The Binos Division 2
Stirling 1CS.JPG (9255 bytes) Stirling 2CS.JPG (12346 bytes) Stirling 3CS.JPG (11821 bytes)
Founded 1884 McDiarmid Park ST JOHNSTONE The Saints Premiership
St Johnstone 1CS.JPG (4757 bytes) St Johnstone 2CS.JPG (6059 bytes) St Johnstone 3CS.JPG (13876 bytes) St Johnstone 4CS.JPG (8481 bytes)
St Johnstone 5CS.JPG (12584 bytes) St Johnstone 6CS.JPG (8966 bytes) St Johnstone 7CS.JPG (9874 bytes)
Founded 1877 St Mirren Park ST MIRREN The Buddies Premiership
St Mirren 1CS.JPG (7002 bytes) St Mirren 2CS.JPG (6863 bytes) St Mirren 4CS.JPG (9947 bytes) St Mirren 5CS.JPG (11208 bytes)
St Mirren 3CS.JPG (7711 bytes) St Mirren 6CS.JPG (13388 bytes)
Founded 1870 Stair Park STRANRAER The Blues Division 3
Stranraer 1CS.JPG (9517 bytes)
Founded 1872 Cathkin Park THIRD LANARK Thirds Dissolved 1967
Founded 1875 Braehead Park THISTLE Thistles Folded 1894