Listed below are the early winners of the Waterloo Cup together with their owners, the dog that Ran Up, the Plate and Purse winners. I am grateful to Richard English for helping to construct the pictures of badges shown below.

If you have rare Waterloo Cup badges and artefacts for sale then email johnwslusar@gmail.com

Water1836.JPG (22702 bytes) Year Cup Owner Ran Up Purse Plate/Altcar
1836 Milanie Mr Lynn/Mr Stanton Unicus n/a Blue Bell
1837 Fly Mr Jebb/Mr Stanton Doctor Fop Bugle Butcher Boy
1838 Bugle Mr Ball Risk Snowdon Madman
Water1896.JPG (70165 bytes) 1839 Empress Mr P Chaloner Brenda Minx Camarine
1840 Earwig Mr Easterby Emperor Castle Cary Marquis
1841 Bloomsbury Mr King Saddler Unknown Waterloo
1842 Priam Mr Hunt Barrier Magna Minerva
Water1897.JPG (70625 bytes) 1843 Major Mr G Pollock Solon Sandy Zurich
1844 Speculation Mr N Slater Dressmaker Tramp Briton
1845 Titania Mr Jebb Sherwood Screw Kizzie
1846 Harlequin Mr Barge Oliver Twist Derwent Original
Water1898.JPG (68978 bytes) 1847 Senate Lord Sefton Flirt Harriet Tricksy
1848 Shade Sir St George Gore Smut Tom Bowling Blueskin
1849 Magician Sir St G Gore Forward Dupe Crenoline
1850 Cerito Mr G F Cooke Neville Davie Galletley Lady Mary
Water1899.JPG (75885 bytes) 1851 Hughie Graham Mr W Sharpe Staymaker Wicked Eye Dalton
1852 Cerito Mr G F Cooke Larriston Neville Lopez
1853 Cerito Mr G F Cooke Movement Miss Hannah Zurich
1854 Sackcloth Lord Sefton Larriston Blackcap Restless
Water1900.JPG (78347 bytes) 1855 Judge Mr T Brocklebank Scotland Yet Ranter Ben Lomond
1856 Protest Mr Paterson Judge British Grenadier Black Cloud
1857 King Lear Mr W Wilson Sunbeam Albatross Jail Bird
1858 Neville Mr S Cass Deacon Albatross Debonaire
Water1901.JPG (70746 bytes) 1859 Clive/Selby Mr J Jardine Clive/Selby Omega Java
1860 Maid of the Mill Mr J Blackstock Sampler Orator Wild Wave
1861 Canaradzo Mr J Hyslop Sea Rock Cardinal York Sampler
1862 Roaring Meg Mr J Callander Bowfell Sea Pink Othello
Water1902.JPG (74045 bytes) 1863 Chloe Mr T T C Lister Rebe Glendower Patent
1864 King Death Mr T Williams Rebe Calabaroono Rainbow
1865 Meg Col. Goodlake King Tom Beckford/Rebe King Death
1866 Brigadier Mr G E Gorton Fieldfare Golden Hair Godiva
Water1903.JPG (74527 bytes) 1867 Lobelia Mr E W Stocker Royal Seal Shy Girl Princess Royal
1868 Master M'Grath Lord Lurgan Cock Robin Jane Anne Strange Idea
1869 Master M'Grath Lord Lurgan Bob at the Bowster Bacchante Salvia
1870 Sea Cove Mr J Spink Bendimere Bed of Stone Waywarden
Water1904.JPG (71940 bytes) 1871 Master M'Grath Lord Lurgan Pretender Latest News Bed of Stone
1872 Bed of Stone Mr J Briggs Peasant Boy Chameleon Jewess
1873 Muriel Mr R Jardine Peasant Boy Joan Royal Mary
1874 Magnano Mr C Morgan Surprise Muriel/Progress Gallant Foe
Water1906.JPG (69744 bytes) 1875 Honeymoon Mr W F Hutchinson Corby Castle Gilderoy Lord Glendyne
1876 Donald Mr R M Douglas Lord Glendyne Wellingtonia Handicraft
1877 Coomassie Mr R F Wilkins Braw Lass Change Poacher
1878 Coomassie Mr H F Stocken Zazel Adelaide Palm Flower
Water1910.JPG (83754 bytes) Water1911.JPG (89042 bytes) Water1912.JPG (82070 bytes) Water1913.JPG (87410 bytes)
Water1914.JPG (84745 bytes) Water1915.JPG (75961 bytes) Water1916.JPG (81051 bytes) Water1920.JPG (80168 bytes)
Water1921.JPG (81981 bytes) Water1922.JPG (91262 bytes) Water1943.JPG (45428 bytes) Water1944.JPG (51707 bytes)
Water1969.JPG (44001 bytes) Water1987.JPG (76529 bytes) Water1990.JPG (21604 bytes) Water1992.JPG (19778 bytes)
Water2000.JPG (22838 bytes) Water2001.JPG (25063 bytes) Water2004.JPG (25486 bytes) Water2005.JPG (24858 bytes)